Since selling the GNE Group Dennis has concentrated on Consultancy and non-exec roles. He has worked on a number of consultancy projects with some good results.

Open Cast Coal Mining

Using his knowledge of the energy industry Dennis worked with an open cast coal mining company carrying out a review of their fuel purchasing policy,. Having identified where there could be substantial savings he went on to implement a new policy of purchasing and delivering fuel for each of the mines in the Group. This resulted in a saving on fuel costs in the first year after implementation of over £400,000. In addition to making financial savings Dennis introduced a new delivery system and improved fuel storage facilities making sure the company was able to maintain supplies and deliveries through extreme weather periods or times of industrial action or political protests at oil terminals.

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Oil Distribution

Dennis was approached by a lubricants distributor who could see his sales reducing due to the longer periods on modern cars and trucks between oil changes. This long established company needed to change direction and add fuels to its mix. This had been recognised for some time by the owners but they did not have the expertise to implement this change. Dennis was appointed to work with the management team and in a short period of time had a new system of buying and distributing fuels as well as lubricants. The company now is expanding rapidly in the fuel sector and from a tiny fuel tanker when Dennis was engaged now has a fleet of 8 tankers delivering fuel and plans to increase this number again in the near future.

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Dennis also advised on the introduction of a new computer system and various employment issues.


He was appointed by the owners of a company selling CCTV equipment who were concerned that senior managers in the company were plotting to set up a different business and poach all the customers. Dennis moved into his consultancy position investigated the allegations and dismissed the individuals concerned. He then set about forming a new management team and working with the owners to launch a new strategy ensuring the business had direction and leadership.

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