Dennis supports 3 charities and has raised many thousands of £’s for these causes ranging from running triathlons to trekking to both the North and South Poles. The 3 charities he mainly supports are as follows:

Fuellers Charitable Trust

Charity is a major part of being a member of any livery company and The Fuellers are no exception. Dennis has worked with The Fuellers Charitable Trust to increase the contribution to Platanos College an inner city school based in South London where the Fuellers have set up Army Cadet, Scouts, Guides and St Johns Ambulance units. In 2015 The Fuellers Charitable Trust presented a mini bus to the school to help with transport for these various units. Platanos College is a recipient of large sums from the trust but many smaller causes are also helped each year. For example in Dennis’ year as Master The Fuellers were able to assist the Eton Swan Sanctuary to fund the cleaning of Swans on the River Thames near Windsor contaminated by a local oil spillage.

The Fuellers Charitable Trust assists many people and causes. It tries to help where possible in   matters relating to energy. If you have a worthy cause and need assistance in energy costs or just some simple advice then go to

Beating Bowel Cancer

Bowel cancer is a cancer that has attacked friends and relations of Dennis and it is a disease that can be cured if caught early enough. Beating Bowel Cancer is a charity dedicated to educating people about how to spot the signs early and also helps those unfortunate enough to have been diagnosed with bowel cancer.

In 2011/12 when Dennis trekked to The South Pole one of the charities he raised money for was Beating Bowel Cancer. When he was Master of the Worshipful Company of Fuellers the Lord Mayor in his year was Dame Fiona Woolf whose husband Nicholas had been chairman of trustees at Beating Bowel Cancer and so this charity was one of the main beneficiaries of the Lord Mayors appeal in that year. Dennis and his wife Suzan were very active in that year helping to raise funds for Beating Bowel cancer. Suzan held a lunch at Skinners Hall in The City of London and Dennis joined The Lord Mayor to abseil down the side of the Lloyds building. Both events along with many others attended by Suzan and Dennis raised funds for the Lord Mayors Appeal and in turn for Beating Bowel Cancer.

To take part in or organise events helps not only to raise funds for this very good charity but also to raise its profile informing people there is a way to beat and to deal with this horrible disease.

For more information on Beating Bowel cancer or for advice should you be concerned about yourself or a loved one go to

Help for Heroes

Help for Heroes is another charity Dennis raised funds for when trekking to both the North and South Poles. Dennis believes this charity is one that touches the hearts of everyone in our country. When a service man or woman falls in battle they are remembered and returned to the UK with much publicity and correctly so. Unfortunately those who suffer injuries and trauma return to little publicity and so we are not aware of how many badly injured service men and women face rebuilding their lives and coming to terms with life changing injuries.

Help for Heroes is a wonderful charity that works tirelessly to provide help, assistance and facilities all tailored to help our returning injured service personnel to overcome their injuries and get back to living a normal life. It also assists families and friends in coming to terms with the shock of dealing with their injured loved ones and provides facilities and support in the early stages of rehabilitation and ongoing as and when required.

Help for heroes is a charity dedicated to putting money where it is needed most and is not a massive organisation with huge costs so the money donated goes to those who need it and very little is spent on admin.

For more information on help for heroes go to