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3 Peaks Finish

7 Aug 2012
Made it to Snowdon and set off up the mountain at a pace. It was agreed John D and Bryony would go for the 24 hour time. I would get going behind them and also attempt to complete the 3 Peaks in 24 hours.

Our plan almost worked both John and Bryony made it within 24 hours but I took too long on a couple of the steep climbs coming in at 24 hrs 20 mins. Just means I have to go for it all over again.

Great experience and one I highly recommend.

3 Peaks Challenge 7 Aug

7 August 2012

Drive from Ben Nevis was all in torrential rain but it stopped by the time we made it to the bottom of Scarfell. Out timing has been perfect.

Left car park at the bottom of Scarfell at 12.15 am and made the climb up and down in 4 hours. Good pace all the way with no major stops. It was very cold and misty at the summit , took 2 photos, quick drink and polished off a Mars Bar in about 3 minutes and started off back down immediately.

Because of the earlier rain it was very slippery and I went over a few times but nothing dramatic. Got back to car park and Jim had hot tea, coffee, fresh orange juice and lots of bacon rolls waiting for us. Good old Mountain and Glen
Now on route to Snowdon, about a 4 hour drive so time for some more sleep.

3 Peaks Challenge 6 Aug 2011

6 August 2011

Very good nights sleep last night and a civilised start at 10.15 am this morning. Jim picked us up and transported us off to our start point at the bottom of Ben Nevis the tallest mountain in Great Britain. We set off bang on 11am and set a blistering pace in the blistering heat. Very hot on the way up. I drank 1 litre of water in the first hour.

Lots of people on the mountain but made it to the top in 3 hours, short break for a snack and quick photo call and then back down to meet Jim in the car park for a hot snack and a welcome cup of tea. Jim also patched up my leg after I went over the edge on my way back down. I am not going to say too much about that incident as I intend to sell the film rights later

Currently on a 6 hour drive from Ben Nevis in Scotland to Scarfell in England which we will climb overnight in dark. Time to get my head down and push up a few Z’s

Scotland 5 August 2011

5 August 2011

Flew to Edinburgh this morning at 6.45 am to visit a clients fuel sites. Fantastic warm sunny day to be driving around some wonderful Country side. Had some very positive meetings and then on to Glasgow Airport to meet my team to do the 3 Peaks Challenge tomorrow.

3 Peaks Team consists of:

John Daniel who is a member of the Fuellers and our team leader.

John Bainbridge who is also a Fueller and the immediate past Master.

Bryony Balen who has kindly stepped in at the 11th hour and is also on my team going to The South Pole in November 2011. This is the first time we have met each other.

We were picked up from Glasgow Airport by Jim Coughlan of Mountain and Glen who will be looking after us throughout out challenge Jim drove us to a very comfortable and extremely reasonable hostel called “Chase the Wild Goose” just outside Fort William. Very clean and comfortable.