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Fisher Productions reduces its waste by producing skirting boards

The team at Fisher Staging has come up with a great idea to reduce waste when breaking down sets. They are now producing skirting board from materials that would have to be sent to the dump and become landfill waste. By putting  time and effort into working with the waste material Fisher Staging is able to improve its renewable achievements and sell good quality finished skirting boards at less than half the price it can be purchased elsewhere.

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The Apprentice 21 Oct 2015

Entertaining episode last night although not very business orientated as the teams were just running around in a complete flap. Not much leadership being shown from anyone.

I thought Jenny was very unlucky to be fired as there were more deserving candidates who looked very poor. I thought Jenny probably had a lot more to offer and it was interesting in the Your Fired program on BB2 following the show that the audience felt the same. Bad luck Jenny, wishing you well for the future.

Now its onward and upward as far as Richard is concerned. Good to see our lad still in the show and hopefully his management and business skills will keep him in the process. Looking forward to next Wednesday.

Richard Woods – Apprentice Candidate


Richard Woods

It has been great fun watching our son Richard take part in this years Apprentice on BBC1. The next episode is tonight on BBC 1 at 9pm and we plan to sit and watch as a family. We hope Richard will do well again having been on the winning team for the last 2 episodes and last week being Project manager and being told by Alan Sugar that this was the best task he had seen out of all similar tasks over the last 11 years. What a great compliment.