Dennis did make it to the South Pole!

Dennis reviews his Incredible 520 mile Journey I know that many of you will have learned that I am now back home following my trip of a life time across Antarctica from the Coast to the South Pole through 750 miles of frozen wastes. It was an exhilarating, exciting, exhausting and ultimately over whelming challenge … Continue reading Dennis did make it to the South Pole!

Evacuation after 525 miles

10th January 2012 – Day 45: Unfortunately Dennis has been medically evacuated from the South Pole Expedition due to acute respiratory problems related to the altitude. Dennis completed 7 weeks and 525 miles of the Journey – three quarters of the distance. We are all very proud of him. The flight that picked up him … Continue reading Evacuation after 525 miles

Saying goodbye to Dennis and Oskar

January 8th was a difficult day for the team. After a frustrating struggle with a respiratory/altitude problem Dennis was evacuated to Union Glacier basecamp, and Oskar accompanied him. There are many emotions that go along with an evacuation including disappointment, sadness and frustration. But it’s important to keep things in perspective and the health and … Continue reading Saying goodbye to Dennis and Oskar

Passing 87 degrees!

Today the team reports colder weather (finally!) and uphill travel. The temperature was around -20 C without wind and -30 C with wind. Now that”s more like it! We were beginning to think that they weren”t actually in Antarctica! In addition to some uphill skiing the team encountered more sastrugi. They were expecting this, but … Continue reading Passing 87 degrees!

Jan 4th: 6900 feet and counting!

Today the team reports more climbing but otherwise good travelling conditions. Blue sky, no wind and -20 C. The team covered 24 kilometers in 10 hours of travel. Their current position is S 86.58.093, W85.26.086 They climbed to approximately 6900 feet; they have a little under 2500 feet left to ascend. The South Pole lies … Continue reading Jan 4th: 6900 feet and counting!