Evacuation after 525 miles

10th January 2012 – Day 45: Unfortunately Dennis has been medically evacuated from the South Pole Expedition due to acute respiratory problems related to the altitude.

Dennis completed 7 weeks and 525 miles of the Journey – three quarters of the distance. We are all very proud of him. The flight that picked up him and another Expedition Member continued on 200 miles to the South Pole. Once there he was included in a complete tour of the Scott Amundsen Base.

After the visit to the South Pole he was flown 700 miles back to the Union Glacier base camp on the coast. Dennis has been in touch by telephone and has been encouraged following a complete check up at the medical centre there. The report confirms that the doctors recommended his evacuation due to severe respiratory problems and that altitude was a major factor in his ill health and that continuing for so many weeks through the problem was a tribute to his endurance and strength of mind and purpose.

It will take at least a week for his return to the UK at which point we will fully update this report.
We know he will be delighted that so many people have been following his Expedition through the web site. He has also managed to raise good income for his chosen three charities and we know that he would want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their enthusiasm, support, concern and contributions.

Sue Woods