Rest, reorganize, and Christmas pudding…

Today the team slept in and had a leisurely morning before digging into the the
new ration. They spent the day organizing, washing their bodies, and getting
ready for the second half of the expedition. Some people had sent new long
underwear in with this ration and the feeling of slipping into fresh undies was
most wonderful. They celebrated boxing day with some of Dennis” mother”s
Christmas pudding.

The second resupply, because of it”s location next to
a regularly used ice runway, is the only location on the entire route where the
team can leave anything behind. Old long underwear, trash, and and any items the
team decides that they are not using they can leave at the resupply point and it
will be at Union Glacier (or somewhere!) waiting for them after the expedition.
Thus, when they leave this camp tomorrow morning it will truly be a fresh

Make sure to listen to Bob”s audio update and check back again
tomorrow for another update from the team!