Polar Explorers – Blog/Audio Updates From The Team In Antartica

Polar Explorers are the premiere polar guiding company, helping individuals like Dennis and the South Pole Expedition team, from all around the world achieve their dreams of standing at the North or South Pole and even help individuals explore other exotic destinations in the high Arctic or Antarctic.

They have been guiding polar expeditions for over 15 years and their guides have led a combined 40+ polar expeditions and adventures.

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Leaving Hercules Inlet behind

It’s hard to imagine that the team could have yet another day of superb weather, but this is the case! With blue skies and virtually no wind they enjoyed “beautiful scenery” all day. Looking across the snow and ice the team can see the Patriot Hills in the distance. Behind them lies Hercules Inlet, which they rose above and eventually lost sight of during the day. Their day started with a steep climb followed by a stretch of flat and very smooth ice, ending with a gentle incline. They made good progress today putting 16.5 kilometers behind them. Yesterday their total distance was 12.1 kilometers. Their current location is S 80.08.69, W 80.47.76

The sun is making life very enjoyable with warm tents that soak up the solar radiation like greenhouses. They are all eating dinner together in one tent, and it sounds as though everyone is having a very good time. Lots of laughter in the background when they phone in, and even a little Bob Marley. The only complaint so far comes from Dennis who is missing his Beer Nuts.

The temperature was a balmy -10 C today. Lisa was wearing only one base layer under her wind jacket, but as soon as the team stops for a break everyone throws on their warm parkas.

Make sure to listen to the wonderful update from Dennis and check back again soon for another report from the ice!