Sighting Mountains……

The team reports that they are well today despite an uphill climb against the
wind. Conditions were very nice with blue sky and -28C temperature with wind
factored in. The team skied 23.5 kilometers in 9.5 hours (of mostly uphill
skiing). They have spotted what they believe is the Trans Antarctic Range, home
of the Thiel Mountains where their next resupply is positioned. This is still
days away but it is exciting to have a goal in sight.

Bob gives a
wonderfully descriptive audio update talking about the wind, sasturgi and
climbing. For those of you who don’t have access to the audio he mentions that
going uphill is a triple whammy. First, there is the uphill pulling that is hard
enough; Second, the katabatic winds pour down from the polar plateau making it
windy; and third, the wind generates larger sastrugi. Hopefully all this hard
work will make the polar plateau feel a LOT easier!

The team is getting
more efficient and they will likely cross 84 degrees tomorrow. Their current
position is S83.57.755, W84.53.470.

Make sure to listen to Bob’s audio
update and check back again tomorrow for another update from the team!