The most beautiful camp….

Today the team reports that they traveled 24.4 kilometers in 10 hours and ended
at the “most beautiful camp.” It is a gorgeous day with barely any wind and -19C
temperature. They set up their tents near the base of a nunatak they estimate to
be around 6,000 feet high. The team has marked another milestone…they passed
84 degrees! In less than one more degree they will be half way

Everyone on the team is in good spirits but BB and Dennis both
have signs of “polar thigh” a cold weather related skin rash that can affect the
thighs of people who are traveling in extreme cold, especially into the wind.
The team is monitoring the rashes as well as devising ways to increase the
thermal regulation of their thighs. BB has a new “skirt” made of down and wool
to cover her thighs and it sounds like Dennis is also experimenting with his
clothing to try and give his thighs a little more protection. So far this is
nothing more than a minor bother but they will keep monitoring their legs.

The team’s position today is S 84.10.326, W 85.24.223. Make sure to
listen to the audio report from Dennis and check back again tomorrow for another
update from the team!

From a couple days ago when they
had windy conditions