Strange Sounds and Lots of Wind….

Today the team reports wind, and lots of it! Now THIS is the kind of weather
they were expecting from Antarctica (but it doesn’t mean they have to like it!)
Dennis, in his wonderful audio update mentions that his beard froze to his ruff
while he was setting up his tent, and that it often felt like the wind was
pushing him back one step for every two he took forward. A challenging day to be
sure, but they managed to put 22 kilometers behind them.

Dennis also
mentions a very strange sound and explains what frightened them so much that
they almost jumped out of their skins. I’ll let him tell the story… and if you
aren’t able to pick up the audio file you can email mefor the full

Not much else to report tonight, other than the team is doing
well. They love the support and questions they receive from everyone. We did not
get specific coordinates (the sat phone cut out) but we will post them when we
get them.

Enjoy the update from Dennis, and Happy 60th (!!!) wedding
anniversary to his in laws! Check back again tomorrow for another update from
the team!